“Unexpected color palettes” and “playful decor” are on trend this holiday season, according to an Etsy report.

Fa la la garland

Hana Walker

Traditional holiday decor color schemes are out. Neon, pastels, and jewel tones are in.

At least according to Etsy, where shoppers are “putting the ‘bright’ back in ‘merry and bright.’”

The online marketplace is seeing a massive increase in demand for colorful holiday items, from punchy, graphic greeting cards to flecked pink wreaths in a trend that goes back at least as far as the 2021 season according to an Etsy report on 2021 holiday trends.

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Shoppers are “embracing unexpected color palettes and playful decor that celebrate self-expression and show us that there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate the season,” writes Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson. 

That means the sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating your home and table for the holidays. Ready to light up your living room with a neon Santa or stocking sign? There are plenty to choose from. Want to make your tree pop with metallic ornaments? Got those, too. 

So, we perused Etsy and a few other retailers for colorful holiday items. Here are some of our top picks. 

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