A half-dozen examples of plants-as-decor so inspiring that you may want to make them work for you year-round.

Kokedama Mini Christmas Tree
Courtesy of Bloomist

It’s officially time to start hauling out the holiday decorations, and while putting up the tree and hanging fresh garland is always a festive place to start, this year we’re all about choosing design elements that can stick around into the new year. The love for botanical decor continues to be an interior staple, but we’re also seeing this trend inspiring people to decorate their homes with new kinds of greenery for the holiday season.

Could this possibly come off tacky? Yes. But are there elegant ways of tapping into the trend? Absolutely. Whether you’re looking to make a major moment with a plumed tree or a more dainty decorative accent with gilded leaves, consider these six botanical trends that will infuse a different kind of plant palette into your decorating.

Botanical Ideas You’ll Come Back to All Year Long

Australian Accents

Australian Protea Wreath

Courtesy of Flamingo Estate

Move over traditional boxwood tied with a bow… the hottest holiday hang-ups are wreaths native to Australia. This Queen Protea and the Golden Banksia wreath by Flamingo Estate has us clamoring to celebrate in style well into January. The “bush bouquet” has become incredibly popular in both floral arrangements and landscaping projects alike, a trend deriving from using oversized thistles and other glossy greenery from down under. We think these particular wreaths will age beautifully, and if stored correctly, they can become everlasting dried decor. 

Ikebana Centerpieces

Holiday Ikebana

Courtesy of Hoppe Shoppe

We love the Japanese art of Ikebana for its low-fuss minimalism that showcases any plant clipping as a work of art. That we never thought about turning this floral moment into a holiday celebration before is surprising—because it could be stunning on a holiday table or entryway credenza alike. Treat yourself to a western-made stoneware ikebana vase and try placing branches with berries, holly, kumquat, or pine mixed with delicate white or red blooms, using a floral frog for support. The combinations are endless and the result would be an incredible new holiday tradition for those who love floral arts. 

Gilded Garland

Gilded Leaf Garland

Courtesy of Terrain

Looking for some frond-like festive decor but not wanting to stay on top of watering duties? Metal pressed leaves are a huge decor trend—we’ve seen them in wall sconces and other decorative accents, but they are now entering the holiday decor space as a delicate garland alternative that we wouldn’t mind putting up at Thanksgiving and keeping up all winter long. 

Kokedama Pines

Holiday Kokedama

Courtesy of Bloomist

Kokedama is a Japanese plant-wrapping technique akin to bonsai where roots and soil are wrapped in moss. Pre-wrapped plants are popping up at our local plant shops and we love the holiday twist where small pines are bundled and displayed either on stands, in glass terrariums, or even hung up with string. This would be an incredible group DIY for an upcoming holiday party or the perfect poinsettia swap if you like gifting plants. Just make sure to check the moss ball for dampness and soak it in a bowl of water if dry, leaving it submerged for 10-20 minutes (or until heavy), squeezing out any extra water before returning to your display area. 

Pampas Grass Tree

Pampas Grass Tree

Courtesy of Macy’s

If boho decor is more your go-to, the pampas grass tree trend has taken over big box stores and Etsy alike. Available as naturally dried Inflorescences or faux fronds, pampas grass comes in a number of hues available ranging from winter white to southwestern peach, which when decorated in a monochromatic color story become the most whimsical trees we’ve ever seen. Not looking for a towering pillar of poof? Try this trend as table decor with a mini gilded version or an entryway accent piece that will feel festive without overwhelming your space. 

Tropic-Inspired Greenery

Holiday Tropical Garland
Holiday Tropical Garland

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Designer Kelly Wearstler is not shy when it comes to pushing unexpected holiday decor. Her palm-frond garland was such a shocking and stylish departure from traditional boughs last year that we’re starting to see faux versions now becoming available for seasonal greetings. Try making your own oversized display using silk palm fans, Monstera, or Philodendron leaves. Keeping certain leaf sizes smaller in scale and bunching them together tightly will keep your creation looking more chic than cheesy. 

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