Robin Cushman

Invite bunnies to your garden

Mary-Kate Mackey,  – November 6, 2004

For the last three years, this charming Easter rabbit has nestled among spring bulbs and ajugas in Phyllis and Richard Null’s garden in Eugene, Oregon.

To create a bunny like this, order an undivided flat of baby’s tears (Soleirolia soleirolii) from your local nursery. Choose a site in full shade inland or in some sun if you’re near the coast. Remove the entire “carpet” from the flat, taking care to keep it in one piece, and press the root mass lightly into prepared soil. To trace the bunny, make an outline with string or place a rabbit-shaped cake pan upside down on top of the baby’s tears. With a sharp knife, trim away the excess baby’s tears beyond the outline. Add back extra pieces to fill in any gaps (avoid using pieces too small to thrive).

When the baby’s tears is established (look for new growth), use scissors to hollow out the rabbit’s ear and form its three-dimensional haunch and neck. Clip it regularly to keep the bunny looking its best. When vigorous growth spreads beyond the design, cut it away and remove any roots.

The bunny will go dormant in cold winters, but will put on a new coat of tiny green leaves to greet the spring.

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