It won't give you superpowers like on Amazon's 'The Boys,' but it's worth it anyway.

While dining at Petit Trois recently, I was offered a unique, delicious, and very blue cocktail called The Compound V. This limited-edition cocktail was free for dinner service patrons at both the L’Original Petit Trois and its sister restaurant Petit Trois le Valley in Southern California—but only until Aug. 19. The rum-based cocktail began as an off-menu feature to celebrate The Boys’ Emmy nominations this summer. Alongside the cocktail, chef Ludo Lefebvre conceptualized a specially curated pop-up menu of sandwiches called “The Butcher Shop” in honor of Karl Urban’s character.

After two rounds of The Compound V and one Big Mec (also known as the most decadent burger in Los Angeles), my heart sank at the idea of not being able to taste this drink again after the pop-up concluded. How would I go on without my weekly dose of Compound V? But I am happy to share some good news: We have the recipe! Now we can all keep sipping the tasty cocktail for the rest of the summer in the comfort of our homes.

The Compound V’s blue color is meant to represent a mysterious chemical that The Boys heroes (and antiheroes) chase throughout the show. The cocktail is served with a blue stream of rum and curaçao cascading through channels of ice in the glass. With a garnish of perfectly plump blueberries and mint, it’s easy to become hooked after just one sip. 

“One of the biggest elements in The Boys surrounds Compound V—the mysterious source of how heroes get their power—and we knew it would be a fun cocktail to offer fans,” Ludo said. “The most important element was achieving the vivid blue color of Compound V while also creating a drink that spoke to our seasonally-inspired program.” That’s where the fresh blueberries come into play, with support from blue curaçao to make it as bright as possible.

Find the recipe for the Compound V cocktail below.