It’s time to have your say on the next snack option at the grocery store.

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Trader Joe’s maintains its reign as a champion of snacks. They have some real standouts, like the spicy rolled chips, the white cheddar corn puffs, and of course, the chocolate covered mini pretzels. We know and love their milk and dark chocolate varieties, but TJ’s is looking to switch things up—and they want you to have a say.

Trader Joe’s is currently holding a vote for their next flavor of chocolate covered mini pretzels between four new options: Mocha Latté, Chocolate Donut, PB&J, and Birthday Cake. They all sound delicious, but only one may win (as TJ’s says, “It’s knot an easy choice!”).

Trader Joe's New Pretzel Flavors

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As of the afternoon of February 28, Mocha Latté was in the lead with 33% of the vote, but Birthday Cake was close behind with 28%. Chocolate Donut is still in the running with 21% of the vote, and last but not least, PB&J had the remaining 18%. Cast your vote now, and they’ll announce the winning flavor on Monday, March 4. The new chocolate covered mini pretzels will hit TJ’s shelves this summer.

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Trader Joe’s has a habit of letting their customers have a say when it comes to their products. We love their small, neighborhood shops, but the size of the stores means limited inventory. Plenty of beloved products come and go, or they’re only offered in specific seasons. To keep shoppers happy, Trader Joe’s will often turn to their customers with product polls like the Annual Customer Choice Awards. For the past 15 years, TJ’s has asked customers to vote for their favorite products in categories like beverage, cheese, and produce. They even created a Hall of Fame in 2023 for five-time winners in their respective categories. 

The “Pick Our Next Pretzel Contest” is just the latest way Trader Joe’s is letting customers give their input. Fingers crossed that your favorite flavor wins, and until the new product arrives this summer, you can shop these tasty pretzel products at TJ’s. 

Trader Joe’s Salty-Sweet Pretzel Products

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