See if your favorite products are on top this year.

Trader Joe's Store
Clint Hawkins/Getty Images

It’s awards season, the most wonderful time of the year for pop culture. From the Golden Globes to the Grammys, these events offer a chance to honor the best of film, music, theater, television—and the snack aisle. Each year, Trader Joe’s asks fans to nominate and vote for their favorite products in nine categories, and the results are in for the 15th Annual Customer Choice Awards.

If you’re a dedicated Trader Joe’s shopper like me, you’ll recognize some of these iconic products. Trader Joe’s has a knack for putting their fun, spunky branding on shelf staples (why get Oreos when you could have Joe-Joe’s?), which makes it easy to fall in love with certain products. The Customer Choice Awards give consumers a chance to express their support and highlight the shelf stand-outs. 

Some of this year’s winners come as no surprise, but several products were victorious for the first time! Trader Joe’s actually started a Hall of Fame in 2023 for five-time champions to let other products shine. Now, a few newcomers are walking the red carpet. 

The customers have spoken. Here are your winners and runners-up for the 15th Annual Customer Choice Awards. 

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