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Perfect grilled steak
James Carrier

Grilled Steak

To take the steakhouse experience home, you need a few essentials: great meat, a hot fire, and some stellar sauces. We provide the recipes, and you can supply the heat.

It’s the meat that is hardest to come by; the flavorful, dry-aged, prime steak that restaurants offer is just not sold in the average supermarket in the West. (Most butcher-counter meat is choice, a step below prime on the USDA’s grading scale.)

That doesn’t mean it’s unavailable, though. Ask around at specialty butcher stores, or try mail-order services. We especially like Lobel’s, a venerable New York butcher that offers a full array of thick, never-frozen prime steaks; next-day shipping is now available to the West. (877) 783-4512.

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