Who: Mandy, online editor I'm giving up: My dessert addiction (refined sugar), food waste, and packaging I chose this because: For the pas...

Who: Mandy, online editor

I’m giving up: My dessert addiction (refined sugar), food waste, and packagingI chose this because: For the past four months or so I have kept cookies in my desk. Not decadent, homemade cookies like these, but all sorts of store-bought, no-nutritional-value cookies. If that’s not bad enough, I also currently have three different kinds of chocolate hidden away and another stash of cookies in my closet at home. I usually indulge in a little something sweet after lunch, but I end up sneaking sweet treats all afternoon.

Sugar is by far my biggest weakness, which is why for the Eat Fresh Challenge, I’m saying goodbye to my desserts and nixing processed sugar. On top of that I am going to eat as local and seasonal as I can and reduce the waste from what I eat, including packaging and food scraps.

My biggest challenge: Making the time to make wholesome meals throughout the week

My biggest temptation to cheat: Something sweet! Like a squirrel, I have treats hidden everywhere.

Coping mechanisms: Dried fruit and tea to curb cravings

Today I feel: Motivated and excited

To keep up with my progress (and make sure I don’t cheat), follow me on Twitter @treading_litely, Instagram @treading_lightly, or #SunsetEatFresh.

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