Make this easy appetizer for your next fall party and watch it disappear in moments

Pumpkin—it’s for more than just fall pies. Packed with vitamins A and C, it’s a fall ingredient that’s delicious and good for you, and can be taken in both sweet and savory directions. This delicious pumpkin hummus recipe is easy to make and seasonally on point. Start by adding unsweetened pumpkin puree, chickpeas, and tahini into a food processor and whirl into a creamy base. Add lemon juice, adobo sauce, olive oil, garlic, and salt to round out the savory flavor. Blend until smooth. Once blended, transfer the hummus to wide, shallow bowl. Drizzle chili oil, scatter pumpkin seeds, and sprinkle feta cheese on top to taste. These add-ons give the dip a sweet, salty, and spicy kick all at once. Serve this autumn-edition hummus with cucumbers and toasted lavash as an appetizer at your next fall party, or as a festive addition to your Thanksgiving table.

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