Try your hand at a week's worth of Mexican meals!

Last week, I attempted to debunk the common misconceptions around Cinco De Mayo in the Food & Drink newsletter, and since doing all of that research I haven’t been able to stop craving Mexican food. I know every week I reference it getting warmer out, but that’s because with warm weather comes some of the best produce of the year, which means some of the best meals of the year to follow. Whether it’s lounging around a dreamy backyard patio or meeting friends in the park on a day when the temp is in the high 80’s, there’s no better feeling than forgetting a jacket and not even noticing. So now that we know Cinco De Mayo is basically just an excuse to eat tacos and clink glasses in the early days of May, let’s consider every day an excuse to eat tacos and say “Salud” over dishes that exemplify the best that the season has to offer. 

In making my rounds through the eating stage of my research (my favorite part) I stopped by a few spots across the city; Tacos 1986 on Beverly, Ave 26 Taco Stand in DTLA, and Balam in Lynwood. Through all of my eating, I wondered why I don’t explore Mexican cooking at home more—I attribute it to the close proximity between my apartment and the above-mentioned amazing spots. To help myself incorporate more Mexican flavors into my recipe rounds, I’ve pulled together a week’s worth of Mexican meals that each slightly increase in difficulty, because who doesn’t love a little challenge? We can start off with something easy, like street tacos, and slowly make our way to the weekend with a homemade mole recipe. Check out the full list here and cook along with me this week! 

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