Trick or treat? We’ll take something good to eat from these ghostly-good Halloween recipes

Halloween party menu
Richard Jung
Boil and Bubble Soup Cauldron and Jack-o'-Lantern Bread

Wicked witches, creepy creatures, sinister monsters, even Batman and petite ballerinas can’t survive on candy alone. And whether the Halloween hordes gather after ringing doorbells or simply for fun and games while admiring one another’s devilish styles, an easy supper is in order to enhance the fantasy of the evening. Sure, you could have a buffet, but how about turning it into a “boo! fête”? Dreadful names and ghoulish shapes turn dishes suited to all ages into party fare.


(serves 10 to 12)



Up to 1 day ahead, make the tortilla cutout crisps, sausage and vegetable soup, bread, and apple ghosts. Also, freeze berries that will chill the punch.

Up to 3 hours ahead, rinse radishes (you’ll need 20 to 30), cut jicama bones, and make guacamole. Use guacamole as a dip for the spook crisps, radishes, and bleached bones.

Shortly before serving, reheat soup and bread, pour the punch together, and set out your favorite Bloody Mary mixtures.

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