James Carrier

These holiday menus are tailored to the size of your celebration

LINDA LAU ANUSASANANAN,  – November 17, 2004

Feast for 12 to 14

Families come in more sizes than ever these days. Some are big and all in one place; others are divided by distance; many are small to start with. But the joy of Thanksgiving comes from celebrating with those you love, no matter how many gather. That’s why we’ve designed menus scaled to fit three sizes of holiday feasts.

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The first is a large menu, full of traditional flavors and potluck possibilities. The host can roast the turkey; others can bring gorgonzola broccoli casserole or chocolate-pumpkin marble cake. Our medium-size meal, based on an easy-to-roast turkey breast, is inspired by Persian flavors. Our mini-feast for two includes elegant roast hens on a golden vegetable hash, followed by beautiful persimmon-cranberry tarts. We also offer wine suggestions for all three gatherings. Each dinner is a celebration; together they salute the diverse families and flavors of the West.

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