Regal ribs for the holidays

Crown Lamb Rack with Green Herb Couscous

Behind the fanfare of its form, a spectacular-looking crown roast is like any other roast ― you just stick it in the oven. Moreover, it’s as easy as a boned one to carve. A crown is made from two or more loin roasts, from the choice muscle that’s tucked alongside the backbone and back ribs. The backbone is sawed off to make the roasts flexible enough to curve and tie together ― a task a professional at the meat market can take care of. To serve the crown, you just cut between the ribs.

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Two lamb rib racks, joined, are enough for a table of eight or fewer. Racks vary in size, so order by weight. Some markets include ruffled paper or foil cuffs to slip on the rib bone tips.

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