The Austin-based Cowgirl chef and cookbook author shares the seven things in her kitchen she can't live without

Johnny Autry

Paula Disbrowe is a one-woman walking, cooking, and writing encyclopedia of shoot-from-the-hip deliciousness. In addition to having worked as magazine editor, travel writer, and “cowgirl chef” at a ranch in Texas Hill Country, she’s the author of five cookbooks, the most recent of which is the barbecue and smoke-centric Thank You For Smoking: Fun and Fearless Recipes Cooked With a Whiff of Wood on Your Grill or Smoker.

I must have been a peasant in another life—I’m a rustic cook at heart, and rarely rely on fancy ingredients or gadgets. Most meals begin with garlic, lemons, chiles, and fresh bay leaves from the backyard tree, and finish on my PK Grill or in a cast iron skillet. But, I do have a few favorite tools and ingredients that up my grill game and elevate everything from breakfast to backyard barbecues.

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