Two-zone, or indirect cooking, is the pro-griller’s go-to move because it guarantees flavorful juicy meat each and every time. Grill expert Scott Moody shows you how to get it right.

By Hugh Garvey

Knowing how to set up a grill for two-zone, or indirect cooking, is an essential skill for anyone who wants the option of cooking a whole chicken or fish, roasting some vegetables, or cooking with anything other than a blazing hot fire. There’s nothing entirely wrong with spreading your coals out in an even layer, particularly if all you want to do is sear off some steaks or quick-cook a bunch of burgers, but even then you probably want to bank the coals hot on one side and low on the other so you have some temperature variation and a safe spot to park your meat when the inevitable flare ups occur. But to approximate the even, moderate heat of an oven, or to keep your grill slow and low for briskets and other tough cuts that only get tender after a long, long time, you’re going to need to add the two-zone fire to your repertoire. For a master class in the art, we enlisted Scott Moody, chief marketing officer at Arkansas-based PK Grills, who shows us how to set up a grill the right way. Beer-break optional.

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