The Meater is the best (and best looking) meat thermometer I’ve ever used. Here's why I love it.

I’m a stickler for temperature control: I know I like my salmon 123 degrees and my steak just about the same. I buy high quality fresh chicken and know how to pre-salt it for succulence and cook it to come just within the recommended USDA temperature without overcooking the breast. I know that the tantalizing “stall” of a slow and low cooked brisket can have you staring at 165 degrees for an hour, only to see it rise again as you come into the end zone of beefy transcendence. Which is why I absolutely love the Meater wireless thermometer.

It’s sleek, small, bluetooth-connected, and comes with a genius app that lets you input your protein and target temperature and through the brilliance of some culinary artificial intelligence can give you an estimated end-of-cook time. What’s more it gives you alerts if the temperature rises or falls unexpectedly and can tell you when you’re five minutes out from being ready to pull your food off the grill. And once you’re done cooking it advises you on the best resting time for the juices to settle and your food to reach maximum deliciousness.

It comes with an attractive bamboo recharging station that not only acts as a bluetooth repeater giving you 165 feet of range but also happens to be the best looking kitchen magnet I’ve ever seen. Here are a few of the features that have me breaking this beauty out whether I’m grilling, roasting, or searing in a pan.

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