Blanketing a heartwarming stew with a flaky brown crust is a great idea whose time has come . . . again

A pot pie is a simple equation: stew plus pastry. However, the sum is greater than its parts ― a hearty stew capped with handsome pastry is all dressed up for a party.

For the savory base, choose a classic stew like chicken or beef, or go zany with an inverted pizza. Cap it traditionally or stretch the definition of a crust ― purchased pastry or dough can top a pot pie almost instantly.

We’ve done all of the above in these recipes. And to make each of our pies easy-entertaining fare, we’ve built in a plan for preparing the elements one day and baking them the next. With a green salad, a little wine, and ice cream sundaes, you can present a beautiful Sunday supper with little more work than it takes to turn out an ordinary weeknight meal.


Chicken Pot Pie

Southwest Cheese Puff Beef Pot Pie

Turkey, Onion, and Apple Pot Pie

Cream Cheese Pastry

Topsy-turvy Pizza Pot Pie


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