Photo by Thomas J. Story

Six easy recipes and the secret to hamburger heaven

Molly Watson,  – June 6, 2000

Burger Recipes:

Tan lines on your feet, children running through sprinklers, burgers sizzling on the grill: Certain things let you know you’re deep in summer. Hamburgers can be broiled or pan-fried, but a good grilled burger ― with its smoky char and rich, juicy meat ― has no equal.All you have to do to turn out a really great burger is follow the simple steps in each of the recipes above and try the key to burger perfection: How to grind your own meat You’ll have burgers that are bursting with flavor.

Well done but still juicy

Commercially ground meat should be thoroughly cooked (to an internal temperature of 160°) to kill bacteria ― which means burgers can end up dry. These recipes all yield well-done burgers that are also moist and delicious.

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