Italian-style cornmeal makes a great breakfast or dessert


Creamy Breakfast Polenta

Polenta Biscotti

Polenta is best known as a hearty winter side dish, but its sunny yellow color and sweet corn taste make it a natural for spring too. Enhance its flavor with a little sugar in a creamy but light dish for breakfast on a cool spring morning. Or use it to add extra crunch to biscotti – perfect with iced coffee on a warm afternoon. Either way, polenta’s potential for sweetness and light is just right for the season.

The right stuff

We like the consistent results of Golden Pheasant polenta, which is widely available. Avoid instant polenta; it cooks quickly, but in our tests was unpleasantly gluey. Regular cornmeal will cook to porridge consistency and will also work fine in the biscotti, but it lacks the distinctive texture of polenta.

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