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Every Traveler Visits This Grocery Store When They Come to L.A. Here’s What You Have to Buy.

Krista Simmons

The spread at Erewhon Beverly Hills

If it feels like Erewhon Market has completely taken over the TikTok For You Page in recent months, it’s because it has. While it’s now synonymous with “it girl” lifestyle, Erewhon is hardly a new thing. In fact, quite the opposite. This L.A.-based grocery store actually has a longstanding history, and has been providing health food to conscious shoppers since the ’60s. The footprint has grown extensively since its inception, meaning its aisles can be daunting to navigate. But fear not, we are here to decipher the best things to eat and buy at Erewhon.

Stocking the produce section at Erewhon Beverly Hills

Krista Simmons

But first, a primer. Founders Michio and Aveline Kushi were true pioneers in the natural foods scene, selling items based on the Japanese principles of macrobiotics out of a small street stall in Boston in 1966. The concept became so popular that they eventually took it on the road to the capital of health nuts, Los Angeles, opening their first full-fledged brick-and-mortar at 8001 Beverly Boulevard. In 2011 the chain was sold to Tony and Josephine Antoci, and now has nine locations throughout L.A., spanning from Venice to Calabasas.

It’s not uncommon to see travelers with their suitcases making a quick Erewhon run on their way in and out of town, especially at the original location across from The Grove shopping center in the Fairfax district. But the space can be overwhelming with its endless rows of Mason jars and end caps, so it’s important to have a game plan.

Mason Jars full of house-made soups at Erewhon in Beverly Hills, CA

Krista Simmons

The grocery store can generally be broken down into sections that you might find at a Whole Foods, but even more delicious—and even more expensive, too. There’s a tonic bar where you’ll find juices, smoothies, and other healthful elixirs; a beautifully styled produce department; a dried-goods section; a beauty department; and the absolutely not-to-be-missed cafe. (I’ll be the first to admit I avoided this place like the plague just for the cool kid factor, but the hot bar at the cafe is so outrageously good that it’s turned me into a convert.)

Here’s what to order and purchase on your maiden voyage to this admittedly overpriced but outrageously delicious Angeleno institution.

Buffalo Cauliflower

This is the absolute holy grail dish of Erewhon’s iconic hot bar. As a sucker for all things buffalo, I have sampled many a cauliflower rendition around L.A. since Mohawk Bend in Echo Park first introduced them years ago. But these are wonderfully breaded and perfectly sauced, and the best part is they’re both vegan and gluten free. (Pro tip: don’t settle for the buffalo broccoli. It’s not even in the same category.)

Ranch Kale Chips

Courtesy of Erewhon

I love kale, but I hate kale chips. I’ve even tried making them myself to no avail. These are a different story. Loaded with lots of spices like onion powder, dill, garlic powder, and plenty of umami-rich nutritional yeast, I’d argue that these are darn near close to Cool Ranch Doritos. They are worth ever single penny of their $12.95 price tag. (Our team thinks the ranch flavor is enhanced by the chili that’s in the combo container of these chips, so if you’re into heat, purchase that option.)

Sea Moss Gel

Courtesy of Erewhon

Every hot girl is slurping back spoonfuls of this seaweed superfood. Though sea moss does carry a hefty price tag at $35.99 for a 16-ounce jar, fans say the sea moss, which is like a flavorless thin applesauce, is worth it. Sea moss is said to be rich in antioxidants as well as large amounts of potassium, an essential mineral that supports muscle contraction and blood pressure control. If you don’t want to eat it solo, try it in a smoothie instead.

Malk Smoothies

Erewhon Strawberry Glaze Smoothie

Sarah Yang

Is $20 too much to spend on a smoothie? Perhaps. But these celebrity collabs are a huge draw to Erewhon. The Strawberry Glaze (also known as the Hailey Bieber smoothie) is made with Malk’s organic almond milk, Rancho Meladuco dates, Vital Proteins vanilla collagen, Erewhon sea moss, Zuma Valley coconut crème, Maple Valley maple syrup, hyaluronic acid, strawberries, avocado, vanilla stevia, and housemade strawberry glaze. It tastes like dessert!

Roasted Mushrooms 

Shrooms are definitely having a moment right now, showing up on menus across town in many forms. But this perfectly charred wood-fired version from the hot bar is probably one of the best around, and I’d venture to say even better than Bavel’s oyster mushroom kebab in Downtown L.A. It’s got a hint of heat and smoke that make for a full meal in and of themselves. It’s a seasonal item and only available at certain stores, so keep an eye out because it’s our team’s favorite item.

Erewhon Candle

These all-natural soy candles are hand-dipped in Los Angeles and have the most incredible aroma. Sure, they’re a bit pricey at $52, but that’s the name of the game at this shop, and the candles can burn for up to 70 uses. Bring one home as a souvenir for a friend, or for yourself.

Torres Black Truffle Chips

Erewhon Torres Black Truffle Chips

Courtesy of Erewhon

Fake truffle can taste like wet socks, but these chips from Spain are the real deal. Put them out at your next party and watch them get devoured, or just chow down on them alongside a deli sando for the perfect road trip treat. If you’re really feeling fancy, top them with a bump of caviar at a celebration for the ultimate indulgence.

Organic Juices

Courtesy of Erewhon

Would it even be a health food store without fresh pressed juices? Erewhon’s are special, though. Our personal favorite is the Lovely Day, a blend of orange, strawberry, red apple, lime, and ginger that’s delightfully zippy and refreshing. Plus, it’s full of vitamin C, which will keep your immune system boosted for the trip home.

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