Plant daddies rejoice! You can now get that hit of green while you’re on the road.

Kimpton Alton San Francisco plant rental program with Blk Girls Green House

Photo by Eddie Kid

The Sanctuary Suite at the Kimpton Alton San Francisco featuring greenery curated by the Blk Girls Green House

There have been plenty of studies that have shown that indoor plants can improve focus, decrease depressive moods, and lessen symptoms of anxiety. And given the stressful nature of travel, the latter is incredibly important. That’s why we were thrilled to discover that many hotels in the West are offering guests the opportunity to integrate greenery into their home-away-from home. Short of renting a full blown garden space with a company like Healing Gardens while you’re on the road, this is the next best thing. Here’s where you can find it.

The rent-a-plant program is complimentary at Catbird Denver
The rent-a-plant program is complimentary at Catbird Denver

Photo courtesy Catbird Denver

Catbird Denver

At this stylish extended stay hotel in Denver can you rent pretty much anything to help make you feel at home, from kitchen essentials like a Vitamix and Chemex to Polaroid cameras. But our personal favorite rental amenity has to be the houseplants. In the lobby, you’ll find a variety of potted plants from jade trees to pencil cactus to tote up to your room. Each plant, which are sourced from Reroot Gardens, comes with a tag and light and watering instructions so that your new pal can stay happy during your stay, too.

Kimpton Alton San Francisco plant rental program with Blk Girls Green House

Photo by Eddie Kid

Kimpton Alton San Francisco

The Kimpton Alton Hotel near the Fisherman’s Wharf tapped Oakland-based plant and home goods shop Blk Girls Green House to transform one of their rooms into what they’re calling the Sanctuary Suite—a plant-themed retreat of a room filled with lush greenery and art, home goods, and wellness products from local artisans. The suite appropriately launched on Earth Day, and will run through the end of the year.

1Hotel West Hollywood in-room plants
1Hotel West Hollywood in-room plants are amongst other elements of biophillic design

Photo courtesy 1Hotel West Hollywood

1Hotel West Hollywood

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Inspired by the lush landscapes of Southern California, the 1Hotel’s WeHo location has all sorts of natural touches throughout, including reclaimed materials, energy-efficient lighting, and organic products that lend a minimal ecological footprint via biophilic design. Each room is adorned with an abundance of living plants, adding to the blur of indoor and outdoor spaces that spans throughout the property. The goal was not only to improve air quality and promote relaxation but to also create a sense of tranquility in the rooms. And staying there, you definitely get that feeling, surrounded by hanging pothos, scindapsus hoya, philodendron, dracaena, schefflera, ficus, and more.

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