20 colorful plants for shade gardens

Plant some of these beauties for great garden color, even in shade

Fancy-leafed caladium

Fancy-leafed caladium (Caladium bicolor)

Translucent as stained glass, caladium’s large arrow-shaped leaves on long stalks are banded or blotched with various combinations of red, rose, pink, white, silver, bronze, or green. Outside the tropics, grow these tender perennials in rich, well-drained soil in big pots to display on a shaded patio in summer.

We love the combo pictured: The green and white caladium grows in a 6-inch plastic nursery pot nestled inside a big green pot to jazz up the striped amaryllis that lives there year round (but goes dormant in winter).

Zone H2, or store the dormant tubers indoors in winter.

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