An all-access membership option is available for just $25 for the entire year.

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A driver gets off the beaten path near Lake Havasu, Arizona
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This year hasn’t exactly been one you’d want to write home about, what with COVID-19 wreaking havoc on personal goals, travel plans, sanity, and just about every luxury we once took for granted.

The minds behind one off-roading site, however, are doing their best to curb that trend of existential crisis by encouraging 4×4 drivers to seek a little clarity off the beaten path.

Trails Offroad is an extensive database of more than 2,300 off-road trails ranging in difficulty and excitement for anything from solo to family outings.

Intricately detailed, destination-specific guidelines provide “the perfect resource to find that tucked away campsite, picturesque mountain trail, quaint fishing hole, hidden lake leaf peeping destination or winter adventure,” the site says.

Each trail listed in the database, which can be accessed through an interactive map, has been driven by team members of Trails Offroad, providing 4×4 enthusiasts with accurate information from each location. Photos, user reviews, and .gpx track directions accompany every trail listing to ensure that information remains up-to-date.

An interactive map provides details for every location.

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Also included through the website are blogs highlighting attractive destinations, trail etiquette, vehicle features, personal stories, and more.

An event page, which is understandably lighter in volume at the moment due to a restrictive cocktail of COVID-19 and fires ravaging the entire West Coast, offers an additional community element for those wanting to share the joy of plowing through and over obstacles.

Offroad Trails, which currently boasts more than 200,000 members, offers a free, limited access plan. However, an all-access membership option is available for just $25 for the entire year.

The all-access option includes trailhead directions and descriptions, local camping regulations and site information, detailed technical ratings and .gpx tracking with waypoints, and printable trial guides, among other perks.

There’s never been a better time to socially distance. What better way to do that than to get off road?