The multifunctional pop-up starts at just $8,995.

SylvanSport's GO Pop-up Tent Lifestyle Shot
Courtesy of SylvanSport

Most of us don’t have an extra $70,000 to dish out for a top-of-the-line recreational vehicle, camping trailer, or intricate remodeling job on a van (for Instagram purposes).

Understatement of the year perhaps, yet hope is not lost. For us non-millionaires and penny-pinchers there is the GO camper from the Brevard, North Carolina-based SylvanSport, a multifunctional pop-up that provides the desired freedom to camp and haul without breaking the bank.

The cost-friendly alternative—GO starts at just $8,995—is especially appealing given the nation’s surging interest in the outdoors in today’s age of COVID-19.

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For many, the space in the brain once occupied by a desire for airplanes, hotels, restaurants, and international exploration has evolved into a focus on domestic camping and travel by asphalt.

Campground apps like The Dyrt, for example, have seen user traffic soar since this time last year. Paid memberships on Dyrt, which boasts more than 15 million users, have increased by 500 percent over that span.

But this newfound pursuit of the outdoors has had its consequences.

In July the Wall Street Journal noted that America’s roadways are becoming more prone to accidents due to the influx of rookie RV drivers.

“Every time we backed in (to park), we ran over something,” Julie Homrich told the WSJ about her family’s foray into the world of RVs.

Fortunately, for those of us who wish to avoid exposing our RV inexperience to the world—picture running into poles and “max height” signs at drive thrus—the GO trailer’s lightweight, low-profile, user-friendly design offers a remedy.

Towing with a personal vehicle is simple, as is hauling any assortment of gear either inside the trailer or on the system’s roof rack.

As for sleeping, the pop-up comes equipped with a spacious, seam-sealed waterproof tent that allows for various dining and sleeping set-ups. Ventilation sections and triple-layered doors and windows provide a number of options for controlled airflow, scenic views, and privacy.

“We spend our time thinking about how we can make something the absolute best it can be, and then test the limits of what it can withstand out in the world,” the SylvanSport page states.

“Where will you GO next? And how can we get you there? That’s the question that keeps us motivated and makes us excited to come to work each day.”

Interested? Explore more about the all-in-one camper, gear hauler, and utility trailer here.