The National Forest Foundation is turning donations into new trees by matching all donations up to 75,000.

Willamette National Forest
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Oregon's Sahalie Falls.
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America’s national forests are home to hundreds of thousands of hiking trails, campgrounds, rivers, ski resorts, and more. To give back to lands that give us so much, the National Forest Foundation is turning every dollar donated during the month of April into a tree planted in a national forest.

From now until the end of the month, the congressionally-chartered NFF will match all donations to plant up to 75,000 trees, part of a greater effort by the Foundation to plant 50 million trees to battle deforestation and revive a West that was crippled in 2020 by seemingly interminable fires.

Because of the impact of fires this past year, the National Forest Foundation will focus tree-planting efforts in areas that encountered the most detrimental fallout, areas many fear will face even worse challenges in 2021 due to lingering drought from previous year.

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Only species native to particular regions will be chosen by U.S. Forest Service professionals, the Foundation announced.

“We invite all Americans—businesses and individuals alike—to join us as we replant America’s National Forests,” the NFF site says. “We make it easy—$1 plants one tree on a National Forest in need of tree planting. And, for every $1 we invest, the U.S. Forest Service provides $2 of value in project support and implementation.”

Efforts by the NFF are also contributing to the World Economic Forum’s “10-year effort to connect, empower, and serve a global movement to conserve, restore, and grow one trillion trees by 2030,” according to the Foundation.

“Planting trees supports wildfire recovery, restores native ecosystems, improves water quality, mitigates climate change, and so much more,” the NFF site says. “By planting 50 million trees on our National Forests, we are investing in healthy forests for today and for future generations.”

Watch the video below to learn more about the National Forest Foundation’s 50 million trees mission, or read more about the Foundation’s tree-planting campaign here.