Flying on JetBlue is about to look totally different

JetBlue on Tarmac
Getty Images/Bloomberg/Patrick T. Fallon

According to Forbes, JetBlue is planning an overhaul of their planes this year. This new redesign will be a continuation of the renovations the company made in 2018, including retrofitted A320 Airbus planes with more seats (but less space).

JetBlue is planning to continue adding contoured Rockwell Collins Meridian seats in economy class, which also feature better support, adjustable headrests, 18-inch-wide cushions, and power outlets, Forbes reported. The company is already known for being the most comfortable airline in the U.S., and it looks like it intends to stay that way.

And even though the revamped A320 layout is slightly more squished than before, the Meridian seats still let the airline offer the best seat pitch—32 inches in the new planes (formerly 34 inches)—and give passengers more leg room. Most airlines top out at 31 inches for short-haul economy flights.

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Rockwell Collins Meridian seats are a new, innovative design of slimline seats. The company debuted the new seat design at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX)  in Hamburg, Germany, in April 2018.

In addition, every passenger will soon get to enjoy 100 channels of T.V., more movies, and even video games on 10-inch, 1080p screens.

JetBlue intends to upgrade its entire fleet with new cabins by 2021, according to Forbes. The company is also adding a new Basic Economy fare in 2019.

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