Left: A family hits the road on a camping trip in Heath Anderson's illustration for the June, 1933 Sunset. Right: Our May, 2012 cover featured a swoon-worthy teardrop trailer. Photo by Thomas J. Story

Think you know a lot about camping and the West? See how you score on our Sunset camping trivia quiz. These fun facts are pulled from Sunset Celebrates the Great Outdoors, a decade-by-decade peek at 110 years of grandeur, glamping, and good times in our pages. For the answers, see the bottom of the post.

1. Sunset’s first cover set in the California redwoods appeared in:

a) 1904

b) 1948

c) 1976


2. Which Western peak, featured on a Sunset cover, was known as “the mountain that was God” in Native American legends?

a) Mt. Rainier

b) Mt. Shasta

c) Mt. Lassen


3. The first RV’s resembled an undertaker’s wagon and were introduced in what city in 1910?

a) New York

b) Los Angeles

c) Seattle


4. What innovations were instrumental in developing the West’s national parks?

a) Increased automobile ownership

b) The expansion of the highway system

c) Both of the above


5. Sunset first covered glamping in what year?

a) 1926

b) 2008

c) 2012


6. Which recipe was not included in our 1959 cover story on the art of camp cookery?

a) Dutch oven mincemeat-port wine pie

b) Bacon and trout on a stick

c) Cheese soufflé


7. In 1963, when Sunset took readers to back-country Yellowstone, the once-magnificent herds of buffalo had been reduced to:

a) 50

b) 500

c) 5,000


8. A 1971 Sunset story on getting away from it all in the Arizona desert recommended:

a) Foraging for nopales and tucking them into camp tacos

b) Traveling by RV

c) Camping at the bottom of a slot canyon


9. The term “oxyinterruptusrefers to:

a) A condition faced by extreme hikers

b) A 12-station relay race through Yosemite’s high country

c) Step 6 in the science of s’mores


10. Which comforts is a modern glamper unlikely to find in camp, at least not yet?

a) Inflatable air mattresses

b) Four-star meals

c) Vinotherapy


And the answers are...

1) a2) a3) b4) c5) a6) c7) b8) b9) c10) c


How did you score?

0-3 correct: Scout

4-6 correct: First Class

7-10 correct: Eagle


For our favorite campgrounds and recipes, plus videos and checklists, head to Camp Sunset.

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