Honoring a Western city or town for offering a best-in-class culinary experience, with a collection of restaurants, markets, and other food offerings that make it a destination for foodies of all ages.


  • portland

    Portland, Oregon

    The restaurant scene in Portland showcases diverse flavors with influences from nearby farms and rivers as well as from Asia and the Pacific Ocean. A craving for Pok Pok’s illustrious Kai-Yaang stuffed chicken is as valid a reason as any to hop a flight to Portland. And then there’s Langbaan, which introduces eaters to the different regions of Thailand; or Chesa, which is doing the same for Catalonian cuisine. The Cointreau crème brûlée doughnut for grown-ups at Blue Star Donuts and the falafel salad with basil-mint tahini from ChickPeaDX, one of more than 500 food carts in the city, are also worth seeking out.