Hot hotels, new and classic restaurants, and the top destinations and activities from the desert to the coast—these are the 125 best ways to experience the West now.

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Thomas J. Story

This year marks our biggest pool of entrants in the history of the Sunset Travel Awards and definitively marks the full-fledged return to travel in the West after a couple of rocky years. We’re thrilled to see that from the coast to the mountains to the deserts and beyond, travel is as dynamic and varied and vibrant as ever. Hotels and resorts are offering high design and superlative service at every price point in every region. Wineries, restaurants, distilleries, and shops are serving up drinks and food that reflect the diversity of regional cuisines and approaches to the craft. And folks across the hospitality industry have welcomed Western travelers back with open arms.

To coincide with our 125th anniversary, this year we’re honoring 125 worthy winners of the 2023 Sunset Travel Awards. Congratulations to one and all! See the complete list below. And check out newly redesigned Travel Directory, featuring all entrants—consider it your premiere resource for traveling the West.

Where to Stay: Best Coastal Gems

Where to Stay: Best Wellness Getaways

Where to Stay: Roadside Lodging

Where to Stay: Best Luxury Resorts

Where to Stay: Best City Stays

Where to Stay: Best Lodging for Nature Lovers

Where to Stay: Best Wine Country Escapes

Where to Stay: Rad Ranches

Where to Eat and Drink: Best Craft Cocktails

Where to Eat and Drink: Best Restaurants

Where to Eat and Drink: Best Tasting Flights

Where to Eat and Drink: Wine Country Restaurants

Where to Eat and Drink: Best Shops and Bakeries

Where to Go: Best City Getaways

Where to Go: Best Destinations

Where to Go: Best Nature Experiences

What to Do: Best Self-Care Stays

What to Do: Best Tasting Experiences

What to Do: Best Adventures and Explorations

How to Get There: Best Transportation and Tours