From late-season peach-picking to a backlash against zero-waste living, the stories our editors are loving and sharing this week.
Stories We’re Loving This Week
Late-summer peach-picking.

Late-summer peach-picking.

Move Over Mirrors: Wall Sculptures Are in the House –> Pop Sugar Home

“Who doesn’t love three-dimensional art? From retro to industrial, these oh-so-cool wall sculptures can instantly perk up a living room. Now if only the Texas wire sculpture came in a California shape…” — Jessica Mordo, senior editor,

A New Kind of More –> NPR

“When Sunset first ran a story about Béa and Scott Johnson’s low-impact lifestyle, I was amazed at how strongly our readers reacted. Some were for, some were against zero-waste (and zero-things) living. My own husband commented rather strongly against, saying, “I like my stuff, dammit!” as I attempted to clean out his closet. So it was just a matter of time before a backlash movement whipped through the interwebz, even if it is tongue-in-cheek. Me? I’d like more pie, please.” — Margaret Sloan, production coordinator

10 Easy Pieces: U-Pick Orchards –> Gardenista

“Fall’s a-comin’! One of the many ways I love to honor my favorite season is by hitting up a local orchard for apple picking. This year, I’m going to expand my repertoire by nabbing some persimmons and Asian pears, thanks to this handy roundup of the best u-picks around.” — Jessica Mordo, senior editor,

Italy, Rocking –> Portland Monthly

“I’m spending a week in Portland for Feast PDX and it seems like I can’t turn a bicycle-strewn corner without hearing praise for Ava Gene’s, the new Italian restaurant taking Southeast Portland by storm. Veggies are king in this glam, retro-ish ode to Italian cuisine, presided over by chef Joshua McFadden (poached from Brooklyn’s beloved Franny’s): Tuscan kale, dressed in a bright, lemony vinaigrette; shredded beets and carrots tossed with pistachios and raisins; corn-filled agnolotti…all I have to say is run, don’t walk. And be sure to order the peanut gelato.” — Aislyn Greene, assistant editor

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