The scenery is enough to warrant a visit. But here are some other can’t-miss sights in the Canyon.

Canyon Vista
Courtesy of Grand Canyon West

In partnership with Grand Canyon West

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s greatest natural spectacles, attracting visitors from all over the globe with promises of adventure and lasting memories. 

But what are some of the other attractions, besides the obvious scenery and hiking, that put this natural wonder on a pedestal in our minds above so many others? 

With the help of Grand Canyon West we put together a list of activities that can set your visit to the Grand Canyon apart. 

Experience the Skywalk & Eagle Point


Courtesy of Grand Canyon West

What better view could you ask for than standing directly over the canyon on a 10-foot wide layer of glass that allows you to look down 4,000 feet to the canyon floor?

If you’re concerned about structural integrity, no need to fear. “The Skywalk is strong enough to hold seventy fully loaded 747 passenger jets,” Grand Canyon West notes. 

Top it off with a meal and a view at the adjacent Sky View Restaurant. 

Visit Guano Point

The abandoned remnants of a canyon tram are just one of the sights that make Guano Point special. From the point you can enjoy one of the most stunning views of the canyon and the Colorado River. 

The hike can be a bit rough—uneven terrain and no railings—so be careful. The views, however, are well worth the trek. 

Take a load off at the Guano Point Café or visit with tribal members at the Hualapai Market for a change of pace. 

Hualapai River Runners

Whitewater rafting is one of the best ways to experience the Grand Canyon. One-, two-, and five-day rafting tours are available, which include hiking excursions, wildlife viewing, meals along the banks of the river, and even an option to enjoy a helicopter trip back to Grand Canyon West. 

Guides will also provide historical context about the history and significance of the Hualapai Tribe to the region. 

Native Village

Courtesy of Grand Canyon West

Tour the Native American Village & Enjoy a Traditional Tribal Performance

Visitors can embark on a self-guided tour to learn more about the original inhabitants of the region, a “simpler time when Hualapai, Navajo, Plains, Hopi, Havasupai, and other Indian tribes roamed the lands,” according to the website. 

Members of the Hualapai Tribe perform traditional music and dances throughout the day that visitors can watch to learn more about their unique tribal culture. 

Helicopter Tours

There’s no way to match the experience of viewing the Grand Canyon’s vast expanse from the air. Through Grand Canyon West, visitors can enjoy mind-blowing views from helicopter tours both above or below the canyon rim. 

That’s one experience a hike simply cannot match. 

Live the Rustic Life

Eagle Point Cabins

Courtesy of Grand Canyon West

What better way to create lasting memories than actually spending the night on the West Rim in one of its rustic cabins?

Each cabin has all the essential amenities, and includes a porch perfect for enjoying a relaxing sunset after a day full of adventure. 

What’s Open?

While COVID-19 has resulted in rolling closures and openings throughout the nation’s parks and forests, Grand Canyon West recently announced the reopening of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Eagle Point, Guano Point, Cabins at Grand Canyon West, and the Hualapai River Runners. 

Hualapai Ranch, the Zip Line at Grand Canyon West, and Hualapai Lodge are expected to open at a later date.