California sea lions take center stage in December

Think of the antics and acrobatic energy of circus seals andyou’ll know something of their wild brethren, California sea lions.After a summer of breeding and raising pups off the SouthernCalifornia coast, the families move northward during the winter andshow up in bays and on coastal docks and jetties. They are oftenseen basking languidly near the water’s edge, but you might catchthem twirling, diving, barking excitedly ― as if the wholeworld is their audience.

Great places to see sea lions

Newport Bayfront: (541) 265-8801. Sea Lion Caves: 11 miles north of Florence; (541) 547-3111.

Channel Islands National Park: (805) 658-5730. Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf: (888) 221-1010. San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf (especiallyPier 39): (415) 391-2000.

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