Airstream just introduced a sleek new vehicle, and it’s a road-tripper’s dream

Aistream Nest Interior
Courtesy of Airstream

Looking to take your home on the road this summer? Check out the all-new Nest, a compact travel trailer that’s easily compatible with a range of cars. Originally designed by Oregon-based designer Robert Johans, the model was brought to full fruition with the help of the space-savvy pros at Airstream.

With a fiberglass exterior and a ski goggle-shaped front windshield, the look is decidedly modern compared to the first Airstream Clipper, built with riveted aluminum over 80 years ago. At only 3,400 pounds, the compact new model still provides all of the practical amenities for a comfy journey.

Want to skip the drive-thru and make your own breakfast? Crafty road cooks can flip pancakes or scramble eggs on the two-burner stove, and can snack on-the-go easily, thanks to the mini-fridge and microwave. There’s also a convenient wet bath, complete with a toilet and stand-up shower, eliminating the need for bathroom breaks and detours along the way. When it comes to sleeping arrangements, the Nest is available in two floor plans: one, with a dinette that flips into a bed; or a permanent bed option, complete with a comfy foam mattress.

With a set-up like that, “getting there” seems like more than half the fun.

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