All photos courtesy Simon Bec

Check out these incredible works by English artist Simon Beck, who’ll make a rare U.S. appearance in Colorado this January

Kate Wertheimer  – December 18, 2019 | Updated January 17, 2020

Simon Beck‘s art is inspired by the natural wonder and intricate nature of snowflakes; he travels the world carving large-scale artworks (around 300 pieces to date) into snow-covered landscapes using only his manpower and a pair of snowshoes. Many of his ideas come from patterns found in nature (snowflakes, spiraled cactus spears, cannabis leaves); crop circles; mathematical equations; and even iconic artists such as Vincent Van Gogh.

Back in December, we reported that Beck would be in Silverthorne, Colorado, from January 2–16 creating a series of designs on snow-covered canvases throughout the town. He’s there now and has already completed a few new astounding works, which we’ve added to the collection below. Can’t make it to Colorado this winter? Take a tour of some of Beck’s best—and newest—works right here:

Beck also creates amazing sand art sculptures; if you’re looking to (mentally) escape the cold for a bit, check out his Instragram for more inspiring shots of works in both mediums.

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