Share your love of America’s wilderness on this milestone anniversary year

Snake River, ID
Bob Wick, courtesy of Wild & Scenic Rivers

This year marks a milestone birthday for two integral networks of America’s great outdoors— our rivers and trails. The National Trails System Act and the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act were signed 50 years ago, in 1968—the same year that man first orbited the moon. While the world wondered about the galaxy beyond, President Lyndon B. Johnson took a major leap to protect and maintain some of our own planet’s most valuable resources, stunning recreational areas, and critical habitats.

To celebrate half a century of exploration, the National Park Service is welcoming submissions of stories and photos from hikers, canoers, and adventurers who have found their bliss along one of the country’s great waterways or winding trails. Want to get inspired? Learn more about  trails across the country, like the land-based, 100-plus-mile National Scenic Trails, or the 12,734 miles of designated rivers that weave throughout America. Check out other wilderness lovers’ memories of their favorite spots, and make a to-do list for your next hiking trip. With National Trails Day approaching early next month (June 2), it’s as good an excuse as ever to get outdoors and #findyourway.

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