Suggestions for essential backpacking equipment

Backpack. Try on several fully loaded packs; the right fitis essential. Opt for an internal frame for better stability.Choose pack size according to the length of the trip. From$100.

Tent. Look for maximum size and minimum weight. From$100.

Sleeping bag. Get one that’s water-resistant but breathable,such as a synthetic shell with a down filler. From $100.

Sleeping pad. The self-inflating yet compressible kind madeby Therm-a-Rest is a great choice. From $60.

Water filter. In addition to a water bottle (pictured),you’ll need a way to treat your drinking water. Water filters are agood choice for removing bacteria. From $50 per filter.

Stove. Canister stoves (not pictured) are light and easy tomaintain. Bring fuel and matches in a waterproof container. From$30.

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