What would you do for a year’s worth of free brew?

Head Outdoors and You Could Win Free Beer for a Year
David Fenton
Big Basin Redwoods State Park

The latest scheme from Anheuser Busch will send you on a quest through the forest to find out. The brewer recently partnered with the National Forest Foundation to raise awareness about the conservation and restoration of our nation’s forests and watersheds—also a resource of clean, fresh water necessary for brewing quality beer.

Starting today, Busch has created a scavenger hunt of sorts, marking trees across the country with medallions waiting to be discovered. Following clues posted on their social media platforms, participants can head out to find one of the ten marked trees, which could be located anywhere from Alaska to New York. The first to locate a medallion and post about their discovery will secure themselves a pretty sweet prize: a year’s supply of Busch Beer.

Along with the contest, Busch will be donating one cent for every case of Outdoors Busch and Busch Light sold to the National Forest Foundation. We’re fans of anything that protects the 193 million beautiful acres of national forests and promotes a little time spent in the outdoors—and when beer is part of the deal, it’s all the more reason to take a hike.

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