Jimmy Chin shares his tips for taking memorable nature pictures on your next national park trip

Zion National Park
Getty Images / Putt Sakdhnagool
Be Camera- or Phone-Ready

Grand vistas, details of a plant….shoot whatever you feel compelled to shoot with whatever tools you have on hand. Be creative and try an unexpected composition or an angle other than your regular standing, eye-level perspective.

Look for the Right Light

With the sun low on the horizon, features in a landscape cast long shadows, providing depth and layers. Just before sunrise or just after sunset are also beautiful times. The colors in the landscape will look saturated and moody.

Consider Scale

I often put people in a vast shot (a climber on a huge wall or a hiker on a ridge far away) to give context and a sense of size. That being said, it’s also okay to leave the viewer wondering. You can even use it to your advantage and make abstract patterns interesting.