Christine Ryan

And don't miss the introduction by Sunset contributor Bruce Barcott. (E. Spencer Toy / Sunset Publishing)

This week, we're asking Melinda Powers, of Bookshop Santa Cruz, what new book she's recommending to friends and customers. Her pick: The Wild Edge: Freedom to Roam the Pacific Coast (Mountaineers Books; $40) by Florian Schulz. It is, she says, “a beautiful book about the wildlife corridor that runs along the Pacific Coast, from the Baja Peninsula to the Beaufort Sea. Highlighting the migratory patterns of not only gray whales but also caribou, birds, butterflies, and more, it underscores our interconnectedness as it stops at each of the ecosystems through Baja California, the Northwest, and beyond. Filled with essays, local profiles, and gorgeous full-page nature photos, The Wild Edge invites us into a world of incredible life and calls upon us to help in its conservation.”

We're sold! Thanks, Melinda!

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