This sparkling, recently unveiled resort in Nayarit, Mexico, offers visitors a pristine (& safe) beachside escape.

Sparkling New Resort in Mexico Offers a Pristine (& Safe) Beachside Escape
Victor Elias Photography via Conrad Punta de Mita
Conrad Punta de Mita in Nayarit, Mexico

A recent trip to Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit, where a freshly unveiled Conrad Punta de Mita beckoned, left the sort of indelible mark that can make one reevaluate everything from in-home decor to recipe creativity and fragrance preferences.

The Hilton-owned 324-key property sits nestled in a picturesque oceanfront inlet radiating with the soothing soundtrack of the Pacific’s rolling waves, and while opening a resort amid a pandemic can certainly pose a challenge, the staff went above and beyond to ensure that safety standards and personal preferences were not only met, but exceeded.


The crew at Conrad Punta de Mita waste little time in doling out treatment suited for someone of royalty.

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From the pick-up service at the Puerto Vallarta airport to the delectable frozen Raicilla welcome cocktail at Tuki, the resort’s lobby bar, the exceedingly friendly staff take obvious pride in taking luxury to stratospheric heights.

A golf cart ride to an oceanfront room and full bag service left me feeling settled and ready to bask in the sights and sounds of the relaxing surroundings.

Sunset at Conrad Punta de Mita. (J.D. Simkins)


The entirety of my stay yielded a steady admiration at the fine touches of the resort’s amenities.

Attention to detail in the impressive woodwork throughout brought a uniqueness to every room, restaurant, and activity space. Use of locally-sourced volcanic rock for everything from fountains and sculptures to cookware only further accented what proved to be unforgettable architecture.

An open concept lobby and common areas, meanwhile, allowed for a steady reminder that the ocean, infinity pools, bars, and restaurants were always mere steps away.

Guest suite. (Conrad Punta de Mita)

Sleeping Accommodations

Every room in the resort, from standard guestrooms to suites that exemplify luxury, is complemented by a view of the Pacific.

The outward facing abodes ensure the privacy of guests while rendering a panoramic view of exceptional sunsets. Patrons can lounge on a private balcony with a top-notch selection of room service bites or relax in a hot tub on the private deck of one of the resort’s stunning suites. No matter the room’s location, views remain abundant.

The Grand Suite. (Victor Elias Photography via Conrad Punta de Mita)

Victor Elias Photography

Especially noticeable early in the stay was the quality of bed and bath amenities.

Comfort expectations were surpassed in every category from the mattress and bedding down to the rain shower head and self-care products.

Suites offer spacious bathrooms and indoor/outdoor shower combos (J.D. Simkins)

Culinary Heaven

It was very much appreciated that the resort supplies a perfectly adequate gym to burn off the indulgences of the previous day, because the indulgences were many.

The fusion of ocean-to-table dinner—cooked over charcoal—and soothing live music at the beachfront restaurant Mezquite produced an ambience unlike any other.

View the full Mezquite menu here.

Ocean-to-table dinner (J.D. Simkins)

Dinner the following night at the resort’s main restaurant Árbol came in three courses.

Octopus tostadas were followed by a main course of a savory duck magret in manchamanteles sauce that ignited every taste bud. An assortment of gourmet chocolates presented on a miniature tree-like stand rounded out the evening.

View the full Árbol menu here.

While yet to officially open, the restaurant Codex looks to be Conrad’s dining crown jewel.

A staff-led tour ushered me through a meandering boardwalk surrounded by lush jungle before emptying into perhaps the most architecturally impressive site in the resort.

Nowhere was the symphony of carpentry and lava stone more impressive than the oceanfront dining and lounge areas of Codex. Finite stylistic touches gracing the doors, ceilings, fireplace, and every nook and cranny were, simply put, beautiful.

Take a virtual tour of Codex here.

As wildly appealing as each restaurant on the property was, the in-room breakfast options were equally satisfying.

A morning of breakfast, coffee, and the soft roll of waves combined for the perfect start to each day. Regardless of the dining choice, Conrad Punta de Mita’s chefs consistently excel.

Room service with a view. (J.D. Simkins)

The Agave Experience

In addition to the series of dining and bar options, resort visitors can schedule what the Conrad Punta de Mita calls “The Agave Experience,” a taste tour of top-of-the-line regional tequilas that are paired with myriad hors d’oeuvres, including one featuring guacamole topped with a fried grasshopper—there’s a first time for everything.

The Agave Experience. (Conrad Punta de Mita)

The experience is supplemented by a host who, in the span of 30 minutes to an hour, will elicit both laughter and tears through incredible narratives on the histories and meanings behind each bottle, many of which are rooted in family origins—and romance.

The Spa

After a short stroll through a path flanked with ornate greenery, I entered a waiting room replete with—no surprise—incredible woodwork and emanating scents of lemon grass.

The path to the spa. (Conrad Punta de Mita)

The subsequent 60-minute massage, paired with the impossibly relaxing sights, sounds, and smells, prompted a much-needed nap and afternoon centered on tranquility.


For those wanting to immerse in local culture, the charming, colorful town of Sayulita is a mere 20-minute drive away. Delectable dinner options, shopping, and surfing await in this seaside haven.

Sayulita. (Getty Images)


Flying to Puerto Vallarta is currently permitted and the resort’s policies and booking capacities are conducted in accordance with COVID guidelines. If traveling under present circumstances is out of the question, put Conrad Punta de Mita at the top of your agenda for when any semblance of normality makes its return.

If pampered treatment in pristine environs is your cup of tea, then it’s a destination to feature prominently on your evolving travel itinerary.

Various packages, such as three-night trips with a fourth included for free, are available. Additionally, the resort offers a “Work From Paradise” package—for those who want to kick the remote work lifestyle up a notch—which includes an entire third week for free if booking for two weeks. Flexible cancellation is available.

Learn more here about the resort’s available packages.