Wool and Whiskey

Teton Village, Wyoming

If you peer through the windows, Wool and Whiskey looks like a menswear shop stocked with Pendleton jackets, flannel shirts, and piles of jeans. But step inside, and you’ll discover a whiskey bar in back--with not just any old whiskey. Three Jackson attorneys hired Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Famer Steve Nally to make Wyoming Whiskey at the state’s first legal distillery, and it was finally released in December 2012 after almost four years of aging. “We’re aiming for something smooth, not like the stuff cowboys homebrewed,” says cofounder David DeFazio. The result is an oaky-cinnamony brew, which you can try along with dozens of other artisanal spirits.

Last Reviewed
July 2015


7652 Granite Ridge Loop Rd.
Teton Village, WY