The New Wheel

San Francisco, California

By the year 2020, according to San Francisco’s official plan, 20 percent of all trips in the city should be made by bicycle. Cue the eye-rolling. But maybe it’s not such a crazy idea—as long as you’re riding the right kind of bike. Just ask Karen Wiener and Brett Thurber, proprietors of The New Wheel, a bike shop in Bernal Heights that rents and sells torque-sensed (a type of pedal-assist) electric bicycles. “It’s such an inclusive technology,” Thurber says. “They get over the problem that bikes sometimes have, which is that they aren’t always the easiest and most convenient way to get around. You don’t need to get a workout every time you want to go to the grocery store.”

Last Reviewed
July 2015


420 Cortland Ave.
San Francisco, CA