From visiting a legendary restaurant to heading to the opera, here’s the perfect itinerary.

Wyoming Fall Color
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Amber Pollock Backwards Distillery

Wyoming Office of Tourism

Meet the Insider: Amber Pollock, co-founder of Backwards Distilling Company

Location: Casper, Wyoming

Backwards Distilling Company is a family-owned spirits maker that celebrates the art and science of making incredible whiskey, gin, vodka, and absinthe that utilize locally grown botanicals and ingredients, capturing the wildness of Wyoming. Amber Pollock was born and raised in Casper, and co-owns the distillery with her parents and brother. Here she shares her tips on where to visit in the state’s second-largest city.


Raccas Meal
Food at Racca’s.

Jeremy Mascarenas

Silver Fox is a Casper legend. This restaurant has been around for decades, and it’s easy to see why with their top-tier service, classic menu selection, and community favorite chef-owner. Racca’s [Neapolitan pizzeria] also keeps me coming back again and again with their super high-quality ingredients, seasonal cocktail menu, and funky, laid-back atmosphere.“


Frank's Butcher Shop Bloody Mary
A bloody Mary at Frank’s Butcher Shop.

Frank’s Butcher Shop

Frank’s Butcher Shop may be tiny, but they’ve got it going on in the cocktail department. They carry a great selection of local spirits and beers, and incorporate unexpected ingredients from their butcher shop into their drinks, like local jams and grill rubs. Get there early to snag a spot at the bar, and try the Corpse Reviver with a plate of hand-cut French fries. Wyoming Ale Works is lively and just plain fun. They have dozens of beers on tap, a large variety of cocktails, and great bites. And—shameless plug—at Backwards Distilling Company, we have an innovative cocktail menu that features our craft spirits and all sorts of unusual ingredients. It’s a great spot to grab a drink or two to get your perfect downtown evening started.“


Casper Stage III Community Theatre Proof
A still of a scene from “Proof” featuring left to right: William T. Wallace, Mary McPherson, Tessa Condelario at Stage III Community Theatre.

Kris Kontour

“The local arts scene in Casper continues to amaze me. Scope out the schedule from Opera Wyoming or Stage III Community Theatre to see what’s happening. Casper has become a craft beverage hub in the last few years, boasting the most breweries of anywhere in the state. Hit the Local Ale Trail to experience some of the many tasty local brews available.“


Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters
Boots at Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters.

Visit Casper

“I’m a sucker for a great local bookstore, and Wind City Books is one of the best. Browse the cozy aisles to find your next favorite read, and be sure to ask the well-read folks who run the place what they recommend. Stop in to see Casper’s 100-year-old Western-wear store Lou Taubert, where you can smell the leather of 10,000 pairs of boots and get your hat fitted by Lou himself. They have high-end clothing for Western-wear aficionados and casual cowboys alike. Don’t miss the R.W. Taubert shop right next door for a more outdoorsy selection.“