Extravagant Workplace in San Francisco
Photographs courtesy of Zynga

Photographs courtesy of Zynga

A few months back, I did a What’s Inside the Google Bus? post on the over-the-top amenities that may or may not be on board the monstrous white bus that flies by my house whisking bleary-eyed Googlers to work every morning. I was devastated to learn, based on responses I got, that in fact there is NOTHING exciting on board the Google bus. No barrista, no personal trainer, nada. Duped by imagination once again…

But before losing faith in start-up workplace extravagance that those of us in publishing live to dream about, I was invited to lunch at Zynga, of gaming fame (FarmVille, Words with Friends, and the new recipe-including “game to table” ChefVille). And HERE’s where I got my fix of Silicon Valley-style sumptuousness:

Behold the Time Warp Tube that employees walk through to leave the world of reality behind. It’s right next to the tricked-out Zyngabego trailer used for meetings and napping.

Lunch? A seared salmon fillet made by Chef Matthew DuTrumble (aka Chef Matty), followed by a Blue Bottle New Orleans Ice Coffee from the coffee bar. Topped off with anything I want from the in-house butcher, baker, kombucha-maker, beer-master, or farmer’s market. Sigh.

Dogs? Don’t leave home without one. There’s a dog run and plenty of pups to play with. Give my regards to Goose:

Inspiration rut? There are pianos for music breaks, an artist studio with live models, and endorphin boosts at kettlebell class or acupuncture.

So while it’s back to the brown-bag, cubicle life for me, I thoroughly enjoyed my voyeuristic afternoon of workplace decadence. Facebook, when am I getting a lunch invite, yo? Next week is wide open…

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