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On its own the town of Moab, Utah is as quaint as it comes. Yet, it resides amidst one of the most majestic National Parks in the Southwest: The Arches. Below you'll find a two-day guide covering the park's highlights. Get your camera ready. It's nothing short of epic.

Day 1: Devils GardenI happened to land in Moab during a week of sporadic rain spells. With this in mind I sought out Devils Garden Trail–an approximate four-mile trek that allows visitors to enjoy up to 7 arches along one path. Those limited on time can walk an easy .8 miles to Landscape Arch–a fragile semi-circle spanning 306 feet.

Avid hikers open to straddling slick-rock can continue up an incline of boulders to Partition and Najavo Arches. In light of the booming thunder and nearing lightening, I turned back after photographing this pair. Those facing sunny skies can continue on for Double O Arch; and if you’re really daring, Dark Angel, which circles you back down via Private Arch.

Kimberly Gomes / Sunset Publishing

Day 2: Delicate Arch and park cruisingPlastered across Utah’s license plates, Delicate Arch ranks as the most famous freestanding formation of them all. Head out early, ideally before sunrise, to avoid the herds of tourists. While this trail is only 3-miles round trip, it climbs up steep slick-rock, loamy paths, and a narrow cliff, so per usual wear hiking shoes and pack plenty of fuel.

Once you’ve snapped a winning shot, descend for a mellow drive through the rest of the arches. Fun fact–if you head out just before sunrise you’ll likely trail one of the tour vans embarking on their 7 am route. If you're looking for a little guidance, these folks eliminate the guesswork.

Stay tuned for my next post on venturing through Canyonlands and exploring T-Rex tracks!

Kimberly Gomes / Sunset Publishing

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