Farmhouse restaurant takes the farm-to-fork trend to the next level

Farmhouse Restaurant, L.A.
Courtesy of Farmhouse

The hyper-local trend of farm-to-table dining is hardly anything new, but Farmhouse, which recently opened in L.A.’s Beverly Center, is amplifying seasonal, local cuisine with super-tasty results.

Owner Nathan Peitso, himself a second-generation farmer, has designed Farmhouse with regional growers at the forefront. With each menu rotation, “Executive Farmer” Peitso plans to highlight products and ingredients grown specifically at nearby farms, including his family’s own Kenter Canyon Farms and Roan Mills.

Peitso is no stranger to agriculture. His mother, Andrea Crawford, grew greens for culinary giants like Alice Waters and Wolfgang Puck in both Berkley and Los Angeles throughout his childhood. She has since forayed into heirloom wheat and the fine art of bread-making at her Fillmore-based Roan Mills Bakery, which will supply all the grains on Farmhouse’s menu, from brioche to burger buns. Drinks will follow suit, with small-batch wines hailing from Oregon and California, L.A.-brewed craft beer, and cocktails shaken and stirred with local citrus and herbs. As for the other star ingredients, this spring’s opening menu showcases peas, carrots, and cauliflower grown by agricultural partners of local farmers’ market fame, Kong and Weiser Farms.

The restaurant’s 7,000 square foot space provides intimate, homey environs for the farm-fresh menu, with an open kitchen, a cozy living room-esque dining space (complete with a fireplace), and a light-filled atrium. Farmhouse, and its surprisingly reasonable prices, is refreshingly down-to-earth.

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