L.A.’s glammest glamper, interior designer Pamela Shamshiri, shares her secrets to creating a chic but functional campsite.

Pinnacle Tent
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Pamela Shamshiri, the founder of Los Angeles–based Studio Shamshiri, is an unlikely camper. If you’ve seen her award-winning restoration of the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, glamorous Ojai retreats, or regal estates in California wine country, you’ll be forgiven for thinking she’s not the kind of person who chooses to sleep outside very often. 

Pamela Shamshiri Head Shot
Pamela Shamshiri, the least likely camper in Los Angeles

Dewey Nicks

But the Shamshiri glampsite is a thing to behold, a rustic-luxe, casbah-meets-Orvis immersive nature experience. There are sheepskins and kilims layered over Japanese camp chairs from Snow Peak and shish kebab feasts prepared over portable gas stoves. Word of Shamshiri’s enthusiasm for getting outside traveled to Texino, an L.A. company that outfits Mercedes Benz camper vans. “We’re doing our first-ever custom-designed camper for Texino,” Shamshiri says of the collaboration, which will be released later this year. “It was born out of my love for camping. I can’t wait to share it.” 

A Note on Glam Dining

Shamshiri is half Italian and half Persian, and her commitment to good food is strong. “I always pack lavash, feta, good butter, and black tea,” she says. “You can eat it for every meal, and can totally take it on hikes. For dinner, I like to make shish kebab. It’s easy to feed a crowd.” 

Pam Sham’s Glamp Jam

Here’s how to re-create Pam’s signature camping experience.