Fast-growing app The Dyrt will make hunting for a campsite this summer a breeze

The Dyrt Campsite App
Courtesy of The Dyrt

Anyone who has ever booked a campground reservation, whether at a private site or in a National Park, knows how much work can go into finding the perfect spot to sleep under the stars. Don’t let the options overwhelm you – there’s an app for that.

The Dyrt, the self-proclaimed “Yelp for camping,” launched its app this month, making browsing private and public campgrounds in one spot a breeze. What started out as a website for reviews and photo-sharing has snowballed into a hub for the camping community and outdoors enthusiasts to compare experiences, recommend favorite spots and gear, and even pass along camp recipes.

Founder Sarah Smith says she was tired of searching blindly for campsites, without any idea of what they look like before arriving. “You wouldn’t book an Airbnb without seeing what it looks like first,” explains Smith. “Campers now expect that same level of sophistication and access when looking for a campground.”

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The App is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and is available just in time to make those last-minute summer reservations. Happy camping!

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