The ESPN X Games X feature extreme sports at venues in Southern California this August

Synchronized swimming is not a sport at the ESPN X Games X. Just about the only way that it could become part of this event would be if a shark were released into the pool. Featuring such extreme sports as aggressive inline skating and freestyle Moto X dirt biking, the X Games are where speed metal meets speed medals. An affinity for Roman numerals notwithstanding, this is the Olympics for a generation more familiar with the intricacies of Moto X Best Trick than modern pentathlon – but make no mistake: Whatever generation you represent, you’ll come away awed by the unbridled athleticism on display here. Think of it this way: If the Olympic motto is “faster, higher, stronger,” the X Games add “crazier” to the mix. Aug 5-8, 2004; from $5. Events at Staples Center in Los Angeles and other Southern California venues; or 310/568-3398 (and broadcast, of course, on ESPN).Matthew Jaffe

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