The free produce goodie baskets from Carneros Inn's on-site garden blow those tiny soaps out of the water
A Napa hotel with an unusual amenity
Courtesy of Carneros Inn

Listen up, hotels. You’re going to have to up your game to compete with a recently added amenity at Carneros Inn in Napa Valley. At least if you want to attract the farmers-market obsessed overnighters.

Courtesy of Carneros Inn

When guests check-out here, they’ll get a basket of free (minus the starting rate of about $375 per night) hotel-grown delectables like strawberries and spring vegetables. Because a hotel just isn’t a hotel anymore without a half-acre biodynamic and organic garden with a culinary gardener on staff dedicated to crop rotation and creating systems to catch rainwater runoff.

It’s a hotel that makes you eat your vegetables.

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